Tuberculosis Test

Depending on your nationality you must undergo a test or treatment for tuberculosis if you wish to obtain a residence permit. When you apply for the residence permit, you have to sign a declaration in which you state that you will undergo this test within 3 months after arrival in the Netherlands. The Dutch Municipal Health Service (GGD) will take the test and can answer specific questions. The test is only needed when you are applying for a residence permit for the first time.

Periodical Tuberculosis Examination

Tuberculosis is a very serious and widespread disease which develops slowly. After the first examination you may be asked back for more examinations. It is very important to go to these follow-up examinations. The examination involves an X-ray of the lungs.


The obligation to undergo a tuberculosis test does not apply to individuals who are nationals from countries mentioned on this list.

You will also be exempt from the requirement to submit a tuberculosis declaration if you hold an EU residence permit for long-term residents issued by another EU member state or if you are a family member of someone who holds this document and you have already been admitted to another EU member state as the family member of the long-term resident.

Make an appointment

If you require a screening, simply make an appointment at the Municipal Health Department (GGD) in your place of residency (for the Twente region, this is in Enschede. For contact details; see below ). You should bring the “Tuberculosis Examination Referral Form,” which is attached to your residence permit application form. The Municipal Health Service will forward this declaration, completed in full and signed to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service to complete the process.

The first examination is free of charge and will take about 20 minutes.

Contact information

You can also contact the GGD offices other topics on health care. For instance: vaccinations when travelling to another country and children’s health care.  The addresses of the GGD in the Twente Region are:

Visiting address Enschede:
Nijverheidstraat 30
7511 JM Enschede
Phone: +31 (0)53 – 487 6980 (available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during office hours)

Website: (only available in Dutch)