Changing address

If you are moving within the same or to another city, you need to register your new address with the municipality within five days of moving. This rule applies for all types of moves, including a new rental or your own property. Read below what forms you need to fill in and how to register your move.

You have two options to register your move:
1. You can register your move online with your Digid (digital authentication method). On the website, click on ‘Inloggen met DigiD’. Here you can change the language settings and then follow the steps.
2. You can register your move in person at the municipality where you are going to live.

Note that you have to make an appointment in advance. You can call or schedule the appointment online.
Municipality Enschede: 14053 (say “Enschede” after the beep).
Municipality Hengelo: 14074 (say “Hengelo” after the beep)

If this is not possible to notify the municipality within five days after you move, send the requested forms via post or complete them online to be on time, since you may receive a fine if you are late.

Required documents

When notifying the municipality of your move you should bring an identification (passport, residence permit) and proof that you have a right to live in the property (rental contract, purchase contract). If you move to a residence, but are not the owner of the property, you have to fill in and upload a written statement of the owner to prove you actually have a right to live there.