Buying or renting a house in the Netherlands is a common dilemma for expats arriving in their new surroundings. In order to make a good decision whether to buy or rent a property the most important factors you need to take into consideration is how long you are planning to live in the Netherlands and how high the current interest on mortgages is.

If you paying a significant rent, +/- € 1.000 a month, the general advice is that you’re better off buying a house in the Netherlands, especially if you’re planning to stay more than three to five years in the Netherlands. If you are staying for a shorter period, renting is most likely your best option. In case of renting, contract costs are fixed, repairs and maintenance are the responsibility of the landlord and a rental contract can easily be ended if you need to return home.

We are more than willing to help expats with the decision whether to buy or to rent a house in the Netherlands. We can connect you with our service partners who will assist you with all matters related to buying a house in the Netherlands.