Utilities, Internet, phone

The Netherlands has excellent infrastructure. Practically every home has electricity, gas, potable water, central heating, fixed-line phones, and high-speed internet coverage. Read more about getting connected and how payments are arranged.

General utilities

Most utilities in the Netherlands are sold in a ‘free-market system’. This means there are a number of suppliers competing with each other to supply private and business customers. Exceptions to this are water, where each property has a designated supplier, and the hardware facilities (cables, etc.) used for fixed-line telephone and cable TV.

The two last-mentioned are owned by the company that installed them and there is a charge for their use even if the signals passing through the cables come from another supplier.


The quality of water in the Netherlands is excellent and potable water runs from the tap. The supply of water in the province of Overijssel is always arranged by Vitens. Information about getting connected can be found on their website www.vitens.nl (in Dutch) or by phone 0900-0650.

Phone, TV, internet

There are several possibilities for mobile phone providers and some also offer connection for TV and internet including a complete package deal.

Some phone providers will offer a complete package with phone and contract, others prepaid or simcard only.
When starting your TV or internet contract you can request for a technician to set up the system in your home, which is sometimes included in the price.

Get connected

For obtaining a gas and electricity connection, you can choose your own provider. But to know which one suits you best (depending on your personal situation), you can compare the providers using:

To compare the various providers, you can use the websites

and our service partner, www.easynuts.nl

Payment of utilities

It is customary in the Netherlands to pay your utilities in advance with monthly payments.

After a year, the utility company will check your actual usage and payments you’ve already made. Depending on the total amount paid, you will get a refund or have to pay extra. Most companies will offer you a price based on estimated use for your type of house and family composition. After a few months you can review your actual use online and adjust your monthly payment. When you do this be aware of using more gas in winter for heating.

Since autumn of 2022 the prices of gas and electricity have risen enormously. Although the government is financially supporting the citizens, you still need to be aware of high costs for utilities.
More information about the benefits can be found here. You can check with your local municipality if you are eligible for the benefit and get information on how to apply for it.