Are you still in your home country but already planning your relocation to the Netherlands and become an expat? Or perhaps you are looking for a job in the east of the Netherlands? In this section you can find pre arrival information.

A lot of questions must be answered on various topics. Here you’ll find all the answers to these questions on immigration formalities, schools and housing. You can prepare by learning what kind of documents you need to bring, learn about the Dutch schooling system and the possibilities of renting a property. Use the checklist to see what you can do now and what to do upon arrival in the Netherlands. If you or your partner are looking for a job, you can visit the website for vacancies suitable for internationals.

Much more information for the next step of your relocation and what things to expect then can be found in the section “Just Arrived”. Should you have any questions regarding your relocation, contact the Expat Center Twente: Your Connection to Twente!