Leaving the Netherlands

When you leave the Netherlands, there are a few things you need to do. The obvious steps are notifying the utility companies, insurance provider, family doctor, etc. But also make sure to deregister from the municipality and return your residence card. We explain in short the formalities below. Read this carefully and visit the website of the IND (leaving the Netherlands) as well to arrange a smooth departure.

Deregister before you leave

Please remember that it is mandatory to deregister from the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP). The municipality will then update your details accordingly and will automatically notify other government authorities (like the IND) of your departure. You can have yourself deregistered up to a month before leaving the Netherlands. You must specify the date of your departure.

You can deregister yourself either online, by post, or in person.

Deregister online

You can register your move online (please note, you require a DigiD (digital authentication method). Please go to the website of the city your are registered. If online is not possible, you need to make an appointment to arrange the formality in person.

Deregister in person

Make an appointment to report you’re moving abroad. The municipality will issue a confirmation of your deregistration during your appointment if you will be deregistering on the same day. If you are not deregistering on the same day, then a confirmation of your deregistration will be sent to your new address after your deregistration is processed. To deregister, you need a completed deregistration form and a copy of your valid identification (passport, identity card or Dutch residence permit).

What do I do with my residence card?

If you have stayed in the Netherlands with a residence permit, you should return the residence card to the Immigration & Naturalisation Service (IND) before leaving, as this remains property of the Dutch government. Visit the website of IND for the details of the address.

Usually your employer/sponsor informs IND about your move, and upon deregistration, the municipality also informed IND of your move out of the Netherlands.