Language courses

Even though nearly all Dutch speak English, learning some Dutch yourself is recommended. It will help you in everyday life, finding a job and Dutch people will appreciate that you have made the effort.

If you want official recognition of your Dutch language skills (i.e. if you’re applying for a permanent residence status) you will need to follow a course that offers exams within the NT2 structure.

Expat Center East Netherlands offers Dutch Language courses

In a small group (max. 10 people) you will get personal attention and coaching from the professional tutor while learning Dutch.
A digital Dutch language method is used as an effective guide to learn a variety of practical language skills.
The lessons and text book also provide insights in the Dutch culture.
In addition to the book you will get extra information and exercises tailor-made for your own language level and background.

Method: Via “Taaltalent”
Levels: Basic (A0-A1), Beginners (A1-A2).
Price: Course, including book € 650,00
Duration: 16, weekly, lessons each 2 hours, from 18.00 – 20.00
Location: World Trade Center Twente
Industrieplein 1
7553 LL Hengelo
Located next to Hengelo train station, with (paid) parking nearby.


New courses will start on February 13, 2024 (A0-A1 and A1-A2).
For more information and registration please send an email to
Important: Minimum number of participants is 6. On registration you will receive an invoice and your registration will only be final when payment is received.

Private tutoring or in-company courses // practise your Dutch

Expat Center East Netherlands works closely together with Dutch and English language tutors. They have experience in teaching internationals and teach private lessons, small groups or in-company with your employer. Contact the Expat Center for more information on the possibilities and rates.

There are other possibilities as well to learn the Dutch language, by joining a group at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, ROC van Twente, University of Twente or Volksuniversiteit in Enschede.
Practising your Dutch can be done by joining the conversation groups  in the local libraries ( several possibilities in i.e. Hengelo, Deventer, Enschede) or by joining The Dutch Conversation Club which comes together weekly in Enschede (DCC will start again at the beginning of 2024).