The Dutch tax system has been going through quite a big reform lately. To compensate income loss for specific groups of people, the Tax Administration has introduced several benefits. These benefits can be applied for on the website of the Tax Administration concerning benefits (Toeslagen).

Rent Benefit – Huurtoeslag

Are you planning to rent a home in the Netherlands? And do you spend a large portion of your income on rent? Then you may be eligible for a subsidy for the rental costs: the rent benefit. Whether you are eligible for the rent benefit depends on, among other things, your age, income and living situation.

Childcare Benefit – Kinderopvangtoeslag

Will your children be going to day care while you live in the Netherlands? Then you might be eligible for a childcare benefit. In order to receive this benefit, you and your benefit partner must be employed or studying. You can also receive the benefit if you are not employed, but are following a re-integration programme via UWV (Employee Insurance Implementing Body) or the municipality. Furthermore, your child must go to a registered childcare organisation.

Health Care Benefit – Zorgtoeslag

Do you have a Dutch health insurance? Then you may be eligible for a health care benefit. Among others, you must be over 18 and your income may not be too high. If you do not reside in the Netherlands but work abroad, and you do not have a Dutch health care insurance, you are not eligible for a health care benefit.

Child Benefit – Kindgebonden budget

Will you be residing in the Netherlands and do you have children under the age of 18? Is your income below the set threshold ? Then you are most likely eligible for a child benefit. You are required to receive or start receiving a family allowance. Alternatively, if your child is 16 or 17 years of age, you have to provide the majority of the child’s care.
You will receive the child benefit from the Dutch Tax Administration. Applying for a child benefit is usually not necessary, but if you have not yet received information regarding a child benefit, and you think that you are eligible, you can contact the Tax Administration.

You can apply for the benefits yourself at the Tax Administration website.