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Learning Dutch is a good way to speed up integration, connect better with your colleagues and neighbours and learn more about the local culture. Apart from these practical reasons, it’s a nice way to meet other people, your classmates, as well !

  • The Expat Center organises Dutch language courses throughout the year and the next editions will start in September. Register now for
    Beginners level )A0-A1), first lesson Tuesday September 14
    Advanced level (A1-A2), first lesson Wednesday September 15

The courses are held in the World Trade Center Twente in Hengelo (next to the train station), from 18.00-20.00. The total course is 15 lessons and costs €525,– including text book.


On our location there is enough space to guarantee a minimum of 1.5 meter distance between the participants. If the regulations allow it the training will be held at our office. If not we will have the training trough Zoom.
Send us an email for more details and registration: info@ecen.nl

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